IT Essentials 2

This page is for IT2 (otherwise known as ITEv2) exams, tests, packet tracers, PDFs, notes, and tutorials in a bunched grouping. Changelogs will be posted below this graphic. Scroll down to find my email if you need something. The successor to IT Essentials (1), IT2 provides a more expansive education and overall is a recursive course with some depth for this field.

NOTE: This curriculum, as well as others, will be changing at the end of this year, so this page is more or less deprecated.

Test / Exams

Final Review

If I am missing something from this chapter, please let me know. I would be happy to edit this page to include the links.
Please note that I am currently in CCNA2, and will start CCNA3 in late 2016, so don't inquire about CCNA3 or CCNA4 until August of 2016.

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