Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seeseenayy - Disclaimer

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.

We here at Seeseenayy regards education and actual learning highly, especially over underhanded methods of passing classes and "learning". We understand what type of website this is, and what the content may be used for, so that is why we are reminding our uses of a friendly disclaimer, it is as follows:

The authors at Seeseenayy do not condone the usage of completed/answered content for cheating. Rather, we support the usage of said materials for self-practice and review. Seeseenayy warns that using the available resources on the blog to cheat may result in educational ramifications, and will not be responsible for how said file(s) are used beyond this website. By downloading or using any content within this website, you understand Seeseenayy, nor their authors, are responsible for your actions.

If, unfortunately, the content provided is solely to cheat, that it is the fault and responsibility of the student. We (Seeseenayy) do not condone the use of the content on our website for this purpose-- rather, we suggest using content to understand the faults or errors by a student and learn from them. 

After all, if you're a student in a networking class, why cheat? You learn nothing from doing so, and create a false representation of your actual knowledge. The lessons taught by Cisco's curriculum are vital to being an aspiring network administrator or related role, and lying about your skills for a job is just as bad as this, if not worse. 

Potential educational ramifications can include, but most certainly limited to: expulsion, failure/invalidation of assignment grades, suspension, dismissal of student from the course(s), or academic probation. These are examples, so be sure to check with your school system.

Please don't take it harshly, it's something we've been meaning to say.
With this out of the way, we will continue publishing content-- just be smart about how you use it.


  1. please can you send me your email address thanks

    1. For two reasons, we no longer give out any contact information for email addresses unless absolutely necessary.

      If you have a question, please feel free to reply here, OR, wait until we publish our new 'Contact Us' sheet.

      Thank you!


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