Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCNAv4 Completed Packet Tracer

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This post contains the answers to the 
CCNA4 Packet Tracer ''

(above image is a preview of the packet tracer)

This post is split into two parts.
1. The download link of the completed packet tracer, and sometimes completed, or uncompleted PDFs or other files.
2. Tutorial. A text guide on how the packet tracer was completed, command-by-commandstep-by-step.

To view this post, and discover the answers to this activity, click on the following link.

Downloads / Information
You may find the download to this packet tracer, or any other related file, directly below:

The commands used below are given in the instruction files. However, some may not read it fully, so here are the commands for a full 100%.


RA#conf t
RA(config)#int tunnel 0
RA(config-if)#ip add
RA(config-if)#tunnel source s0/0/0
RA(config-if)#tunnel dest
RA(config-if)#tunnel mode gre ip
RA(config-if)#no sh
RA(config)#ip route


RB#conf t
RB(config)#int tunnel 0
RB(config-if)#ip add
RB(config-if)#tunnel source s0/0/0
RB(config-if)#tunnel dest 
RB(config-if)#tunnel mode gre ip
RB(config-if)#no sh
RB(config)#ip route

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