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IT2 Chapter 8 Notes - Printers

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These are the notes for Chapter 8 of the IT2 curriculum. This chapter is printers.


Printer Selection Criteria:
  • Capacity & Speed (Paper Capacity / Prints Per Min)
  • Connection Type (Serial, Wireless, etc)
  • Color: Black/White (Black / White / Both)
  • Quality (PPI)
  • Reliability (Reliability)
  • Warranty (Warranty)
  • Schedule Servicing (What to do to the printer w/ maintenance)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) (When the hardware will fail)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (Maintenance costs & toner life)

Wired Printer Connection Types:
  • To access a printer, a computer must have a compatible interface with it. Common interface types:
    • Serial *Seldomly used now.
    • Parallel *Seldomly used now.
    • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) *Seldomly used now.
    • Universal Serial Bus (USB)
    • Firewire (Apple)
    • Ethernet

Printer Types
  • Inkjet
    • High quality printer.
    • Spray technology.
  • Laser
    • High quality, fast printer.
    • Uses a laser beam to create an image.
  • Thermal
    • Some retail cash registers or older fax machines.
    • Uses heat for image generation.
  • Impact
    • Carbon-copy printing ability.
    • Print heads strike an inked ribbon.
  • Virtual Printer
    • Sending a print job to a remote destination in the cloud.

Installing & Updating a Printer
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guide when connecting one.
  • Print software can be installed using a CD from the manufacturer's website.
  • The instructions will tell you to either install the printer or software.
  • Every printer uses it’s unique printer and driver and software.

  • Connect the printer.
    • Connect the appropriate data cable to the communication port on the back of printer.
    • Attach the printer power cable.
    • Never plug a printer into a UPS. The power surge the printer invokes can damage a UPS.
  • Printer Driver
    • A printer driver is the software program that enables the computer and the printer to communicate with each other.
    • It is recommendable to find out if a newer driver is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Optimizing Printer Performance
Software from the driver is where most of the printer driver lies:
  • Printer spooling setting
  • Color calibration
  • Paper orientation
  • Print Head Cleaning

Global and Individual Documents options:
  • Global Method
    • Setting that affects all documents.
      • Start > Devices & Printers > Right click Printer
      • Start > Printers and Faxes > Right click Printer
  • Per Document Method
    • Change the document print setting for specific documents

Operating System Settings for Sharing Printers:
  • Printers can be shared on a network using wireless or bluetooth.
  • Printer sharing can be configured in the Network & Sharing Center in the control panel.
  • Shared printers can be connected using wired/wireless methods.
  • To connect a shared printer, go to the control panel, choose printers or devices, printers, and  add a printer.

Print Servers
Three Functions
  • Provide client access to print sources.
  • Queue and send print jobs.
  • Provide feedback to Account Creation.

Three types of print servers
  • Software
    • Installed on a client PC.
  • Hardware
    • Connects the network and communicates with the printer.
  • Dedicated
    • Used in a large network with multiple LANs.

    • Windows allows PCs to share their printers.
      • Configure the computer attached to the printer to share the printer with other network users.
      • Configure a user’s computer to recognize the shared printer and print.

Printer Preventive Maintenance
  • Follow vendor's guidelines when performing preventive maintenance to keep the printer in good condition.
  • Replace consumables using the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Be aware that when the printer says its low, there will still be some printing that can be done, giving time to order.
  • Keep the printer clean using the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Clean the printheads or inkjet printer using the printer software.
    • Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove toner particles in a laser printer.
    • Clean the heating element with isopropyl alcohol on a thermal printer.
  • Keep the environment dry and clean.
    • Cool, dust free, dry environment
    • Keep the glass clean on the copier/scanner

Inkjet Printer
  • Two methods of applying ink:
    • Thermal
      • Bubble of steam applies ink.
    • Piezoelectric
      • Electric vibrates crystal.

Factors that affect speed of Printer
  • Image Quality
  • Cache Size
  • B/W or Color

5 Ways to Connect to a Printer
  • Firewire
  • Network / Ethernet
  • USB
  • Serial
  • Wifi

Printer Driver
  • Software that allows the printer and PC to communicate.
  • Many times drivers need to be installed before the printer is in the PC.

“Five printers attached to my system, which one will the PC use first?”
  • Default printer

Document/Printer Settings
  • Global
  • Per Document

Inkjet printer printing odd colors, not on screen?
  • Calibrate

Network printer:
  • Hi-Res Photos

LAN Users complain of a slow network when people print.
  • Printer doesn’t have enough memory for print.

In Printer Settings there is an ‘additional drivers’ option, why?
  • Supports other OS.

Windows 8.1, Share printer (USB) what do you configure?
  • File/printer sharing

Extend the life of a thermal printer, what maintenance feature can you do?
  • Clean the heating element with isopropyl alcohol

  • Collate
    • Gather pages.
  • Duplex
    • Print dual-sided pages/paper.
  • Grayscale
    • Printing using black, but different shades of black..
  • Banner, Booklet, Poster…

Paper Jams
  • Paper not loaded right.
  • Wrong type of paper.
  • High humidity.

What Permanently attaches the toner to the page?
  • Fuser

Toner transferred from drum to paper?
  • Top Circle - Drum
  • Line - Paper
  • Small Circle - Roller

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