Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CCNAv2 Final Exam: What to Expect

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
As the finals approach for many CCNA courses, most will be given a packet tracer.
For many classes, there is no prior studying for the packet tracer other than a RSE or case study. 

Our instructor is (thankfully) giving us prior information on these packet tracers. Below is (for the most part) the general overview over the topics we'll be tasked with on the actual final.

The final exam (packet tracer) will cover the following topics:

  • Basic Settings
    • General configuration with passwords, hostnames, and generally overall things we've done over the year.
  • Designing & Implementing IPv4 Addresses
    • IPv4 subnetting and implementation of IP addresses to the packet tracer.
  • Host Addressing
    • Basically the point above.
  • Device Security
    • Security, in the terms of: SSH configuration, shutting down unneeded ports, passwords, encryption, login, block-for, banner motd (yeah, it counts oddly enough), etc.
  • Switch Interface Configuration
    • Switch configuration is (for the most part) configured on the Cisco Packet Tracer, though we'll need to do some of it ourselves.
  • TFTP Transfer
    • TFTP was done before, I will edit this bullet when I find it.
  • Testing your Solutions
    • After completion, it is strongly suggested-- if not required-- that you test your solution.
  • General Device Configuration
    • Routers, switches, PCs, and all other devices-- as expected-- will be configured by us. This is nothing new. Just a point we had to talk about.

The final exam (questions) come from all Cisco Exam tests we've taken before (in CCNA 2). To our knowledge, all questions from the final are derived from the 5.0 version.

6.0 is for IT2/IT.


  1. Thank you so much. We are basically on our own, we never get a scope or whatsoever.


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