Friday, April 22, 2016

META - Today's Tech

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
Yesterday, our instructor went to a tech meeting for CCNA, and he shared some cool information with us, which should hopefully be interesting to you as well.

Key Features / Highlights

  • There are now WAPs that have multi-gigabit connections.

  • There are tools that modify Category 5E (CAT5E) to get upwards of 5 gigabytes out of it.

  • There are different kinds of WiFi. Cellphone's WiFi is considered "Single Stream", or one antenna, therefore any gigabit connections will not exist between them, as WiFi is a half-duplex technology. 

  • Laptops are either two antenna (double stream), three antenna (triple stream), and so forth. This is the same for any NIC cards or WAPs.
  • Security hardware and software will be released soon. An example: Person brings their laptop to the network, visits a website, clicks something like "Win a Free iPad!", infecting his/her PC. At the same instance, the network moves Person's PC to a separate VLAN and displays a link showing a link to disinfect your PC, or have a custom reason. 


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