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IT2 Final Exam Review Answers - Part II

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This is the second part to the IT Final Exam Review. You may find the first part here:

Below, the bolded and red sentences are the answers for the parent questions.
All answers should be correct (100%), if not, comment below.

You work for a small city IT department, and you have been tasked with securing the servers that provide all the services for city employees and for city residents. You have configured the firewall, installed and configured an intrusion detection device, and set very strong passwords on the servers. You believe the servers are safe from malicious intruders. Of the following, what else should you do to protect the servers?

Use antiphishing software.
Set up BIOS security.
Lock the server room door
Use antivirus software.

Which two types of data should be backed up before troubleshooting a computer for a customer? (Choose two.)

BIOS system file
Internet Explorer favorites files 
driver files for the hard disk
documents that are created by the customer 
Windows operating system files

You are setting up two laptops in a small business to network wirelessly during a meeting for collaboration purposes. The computers don’t have to connect to the Internet. This will be a temporary wireless connection just for this conference. What is your best and quickest option?

Bring a wireless router into the room and have the laptops associate with the router.
You must connect the two computers together using a crossover cable.
Set up the computers to use an ad hoc wireless setup. 
Set up the computers to use an infrastructure wireless setup.

You are visiting a business customer and you are about to perform maintenance and repair work on several printers in their offices. You are about to use a can of compressed air in an inkjet printer. What are you most likely trying to do?

Remove excess dust off the printer’s exterior.
Clean excess ink off the print head.
Spray excess ink off the print rollers.
Remove excess bits of paper from the interior of the printer. 

You are partitioning a Windows 7 computer and you want to make a partition bootable. What specific partition type (as opposed to a disk type) can you make bootable?


You are a desktop support technician (DST) for a small community college that has 20 workstations running Windows XP Professional. A professor calls your office and frantically shouts that she cannot print her thesis to the printer connected to her workstation. She tells you that she was able to print yesterday morning without any problem, but that she suspects a colleague who used her computer later that evening might have broken her printer. On the way to her office, a receptionist stops you in the hallway and says she is very upset that her printer is out of paper because a professor printed three copies of a thesis to it. What could be the problem, if any, with the professor’s printer?

The professor needs to contact the network administrator because users are not able to select which print device to use.
She needs to have her NTFS permission for the printer changed from Print to Manage Documents.
The professor needs to make her local printer the default printer. 
The professor’s print device is configured to print multiple copies.

What two terms can be used to describe the Windows Virtual PC? (Choose two.)

system resource management
operating system sharing
server consolidation
Virtual Machine Manager 

You are going over network troubleshooting basics with a new technician in your department. Of the following, which do you say are command-line utilities used to troubleshoot network problems? (Choose three.)


You work for a small city IT department, and you have a customer who repeatedly violates security policy by walking away from his computer without first locking the desktop or logging off. The policy is in place to prevent an unauthorized person from gaining access to his computer and its sensitive data or from sending e-mails posing as the customer. What can you do to enforce company policy with this customer? (Choose two.)

Talk to your supervisor and suggest your supervisor speak with the customer’s supervisor and have the customer advised of proper security behaviors. 
Reprimand the customer directly.
Set the screensaver on his computer to activate when the computer is inactive for a very short time and require a password to turn off the screensaver. 
Set the screensaver on his computer to activate when the computer is inactive for a very short time.

You are concerned about the theft of laptop equipment from your offices. What is the lowest cost and most practical option to control this problem?

Purchase tracking software and a monitoring service.
Hire a security guard.
Permanently affix the laptops to users’ desks.
Use physical cable locks for the laptops. 

You are configuring a firewall to allow traffic associated with Web browsing from users on your network. What ports should you allow? (Choose 2.)


You are a DST for a large home repair supply store. A user who has Windows XP Professional installed on her workstation calls and says a co-worker installed a new mouse on her computer and that it isn’t working. You use Device Manager and notice that there is a yellow question mark next to the mouse, which is listed under the Mice and Other Pointing Devices section. What does the yellow question mark mean?

A yellow question mark means the device was installed, but the operating system was unable to find and install a driver. 
The yellow question mark means the device is functioning, but the manufacturer is unknown.
Only a yellow exclamation mark is used in Device Manager, not a yellow question mark.
A yellow question mark means the device was not installed, but the driver was installed.

You are a desktop support technician (DST) for a publishing company that has 200 workstations running Windows XP Professional. The local area network has two subnets, which you refer to as Subnet A and Subnet B. A user on Subnet B has been sharing a color printer with users on both subnets. However, after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, users in Subnet A can no longer access the printer. Users in Subnet B can successfully print, however. Users in Subnet A can access other network resources in Subnet B. What is the likely cause of the problem?

router is blocking traffic between Subnet A and Subnet B.
The printer driver does not support Service Pack 2.
By default, Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2 allows File And Printer Sharing only on the local subnet. 
Users on Subnet A have Windows Firewall configured to block traffic from Subnet B.

Which statement is true about the use of an antistatic wrist strap?

For optimum grounding, the clip should be attached to a painted section of the computer case.
An antistatic wrist strap should not be used in conjunction with an antistatic mat.
The metal part of the wrist strap should not make contact with your skin.
An antistatic wrist strap should not be worn when repairing a power supply. 

Which three factors are reasons for a company to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three.)

The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information 
The network is small with fewer than eight users
All employees passed a strict background check as part of the corporate hiring practices.
The company network requires secure access to confidential information. 
Each user understands how to safely share files across a network.
The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis. 

You are installing a printer for one of the branch offices of your business. What are the 2 most common methods of connection? (Pick 2)


Which step is critical in selecting and installing multiple cooling fans for a PC case?

Make sure they are mounted in correct air flow directions. 
Make sure they are the same make and model.
Make sure they run at the same speed.
Make sure they provide the same amount of air flow.

A technician is troubleshooting a problem where the user claims access to the Internet is not working, but there was access to the Internet the day before. Upon investigation, the technician determines that the user cannot access the network printer in the office either. The network printer is on the same network as the computer. The computer has assigned as an IP address. What is the most likely problem?

The IP default gateway on the computer is incorrect.
The network interface card driver needs to be updated
The computer cannot communicate with a DHCP server. 
The router that connects this network to other networks is down.

You are a desktop support technician (DST) for a small retail clothing store that has three workstations running Windows XP Professional, three workstations running Windows XP Home Edition, and two workstations running Windows 98. The owner of the company has purchased a $10,000 color laser printer and has connected it to a workstation running Windows 98. Currently, users that want to print color documents to the printer make copies of the documents from their workstations to a floppy diskette and print the contents at the Windows 98 computer. The owner of the company asks you if there is an easier way to solve her printing problems. What should you tell her?

You should tell the owner that she needs to purchase a print server to solve her issue.
You should tell her that if she shared the printer that is connected to the workstation running Windows 98, the other users could access it. 
You should tell the user that she will have to install the LPR Network print driver on the workstation running Windows 98 if multiple users need to connect.
You should tell the owner that she must connect the printer to one of the workstations running Windows XP Professional for all users to be able to connect to the color printer.

What are two factors that must be considered when choosing a computer case? (Choose two.)

the number of LED indicators at the front of the case
the size of the motherboard and the power supply 
the number of internal drive locations 
the size of the monitor
the vendor that manufactured the motherboard

You have a customer who has a failed graphics card on his new computer. He can get a new one under warranty from the manufacturer, but while he waits for it to arrive, he wants you to temporarily install an AGP graphics card so that he can still use his computer for gaming. You tell him this is not a good technical option because of what?

His AGP card is older and is too slow to support the AGP bus on his brand-new motherboard.
His brand-new computer does not have an AGP slot, since AGP support on new motherboards has been phased out in place of PCIe support. 
Not all AGP cards use the same type of AGP slot, and it may not fit the AGP slot on his brand-new motherboard.
Installing a card other than the one provided as a replacement by the manufacturer could void his warranty. 

You are a technician for a small city IT department, and you have just repaired and brought up a DHCP server that recently went down. You get a complaint from a customer serviced by this DHCP server that he cannot connect to the network. You suspect his computer has not automatically acquired an IP address since the DHCP server was restored. You go to his computer and open a command prompt. What command do you issue to get the computer to request an IP address?

ipconfig /all
ipconfig /renew 
ipconfig /restore

You work for a small city IT department and are training a class of new hires on computer security. You are discussing password security, and you identify several user behaviors that indicate the use of insecure passwords. Of the following, what are some of those behaviors? (Choose two.)

Using special symbols in your passwords
Being unable to remember all of your passwords 
Having a favorite password 
Using multiple passwords

A technician looks at a motherboard and sees a 24-pin connector. What component would connect to the motherboard through the use of this 24-pin connector?

SATA drive
power supply 
floppy drive
video card
PATA optical drive

You are installing a network printer for one of the branch offices of your business. The printer has both wired and wireless network capacities. You check the available ports on the printer. What wired network port type is most commonly used?


What are two network requirements necessary to establish a VPN connection between a remote computer and a private company LAN? (Choose two.)

PSTN access
VPN client 
low latency network connection
secure web server
Internet access 

What is a characteristic of the UDP protocol?

end-to-end establishment before delivery
guaranteed delivery
low overhead 
error correction

You receive a call from an end user who is frustrated by the number of steps that she must follow to access the departmental server from her Windows 7 desktop. She is typing the address of the server into Windows Explorer each time she needs to access a file. How could you help her improve this process?

Use a shortcut key to improve the speed of typing the server address. 
On the server, create a shortcut for the desktop user.
Map a drive to the server from the desktop. 
Defragment the disk.

You work for a small city IT department and are giving a presentation on correct employee computer and network use to a group of new hires. You are currently describing various security issues in relation to the Internet and are describing a type of attack directed at a server computer by a massive number of computers for the purpose of making the services provided by that server unavailable. What are you describing?


You are a technician who supports the computer and printer maintenance and repair needs of a number of small business customers. You get a call from one of your customers saying that her color laser printer is malfunctioning. The colors on printouts are “off” and words of text are overlapping. Based on these symptoms, what do you need to do?

Change the black toner cartridge.
Clean the printer.
Calibrate the printer. 
Apply the printer maintenance kit.

Which two devices commonly affect wireless networks? (Choose two.)

home theaters
Blu-ray players
cordless phones 
external hard drives

You have a computer with IP address What technology must be in use on your network for this computer to communicate with the Internet?


The bootloader’s job is to:

Perform the initial installation of the kernel to hard
Load the application into memory
Assign initial settings such as network address
Load the kernel after the computer is powered on 
Install software from the Internet or removable media

You are doing an inventory at your computer repair shop and counting the different display cable types you have available. Of the following, which cables in your inventory can be used for computer displays? (Choose 3.)


What are two advantages of the NTFS file system compared with FAT32? (Choose two.)

NTFS provides more security features. 
NTFS allows faster access to external peripherals such as a USB drive.
NTFS allows the automatic detection of bad sectors.
NTFS supports larger files. 
NTFS allows faster formatting of drives.
NTFS is easier to configure.

You are helping a new technician at work understand motherboard busses and bus speeds. There are numerous busses on a motherboard, which connect one component or chipset on a motherboard to another. Of the following, which bus do you say is used to determine a motherboard’s bus speed?

The Memory bus, which connects the RAM slots to the Northbridge
The front side bus (FSB), which connects the CPU to the Northbridge 
The ATA bus, which connects the ATA hard drive to the Southbridge
The PCI bus, which connects the PCI slots to the Southbridge

A customer needs to purchase a new power supply for a computer. What must be considered when selecting an appropriate power supply?

The power supply converts DC to AC. 
The power supply provides at least 800 V.
The power supply has sufficient wattage to support all components inside the computer. 
The power supply must have both a P-8 and P-9 connector.

A user approaches you, concerned about the fact that his mobile phone may be lost or stolen. What security features can help protect a lost or stolen device? (Choose two.)

Biometric authentication 
Remote wipe

You wish to synchronize music between iTunes and your iPad. What options do you have? (Choose three.)

Use a direct USB connection to a computer running iTunes. 
Use a local Wi-Fi network shared between the iPad and computer running iTunes. 
Use a 4G cellular connection and iTunes Match.
Use a 4G cellular connection to a computer running iTunes. 
Use a direct ethernet connection to a computer running iTunes.

You are a DST for a small software manufacturing company. Several computer programmers ask you to upgrade their workstations from Windows 98 to Windows XP Professional. After upgrading the workstations, you receive a telephone call from one of the programmers stating that his sound card does not work. You telephone the other two programmers and discover that their sound cards do not work either. What should you do? (Choose the best answer.)

Inform the programmers that Windows XP Professional does not support sound cards.
Inform the programmers that they must purchase new sound cards.
Inform the programmers that they should run the Find New Hardware utility from the Systems Properties dialog box.
Visit the sound card vendor’s website to see if there is a Windows XP Professional driver available. 

The acronym CLI stands for:

Command Line Interface 
Command Line Interpreter
Computer Link Interpreter
Computer Line Interface

Which tool provides information about the hardware devices that are installed in a workstation and gives the user the ability to update, roll back, or uninstall device drivers?

Hardware Device Console
Disk Management
Device Manager 
Disk Defragmenter

You are replacing two failed sticks of memory in a server. The server has ECC RAM installed because of the error-checking feature available. The only replacement RAM you have available is non-ECC RAM, which is otherwise identical to the RAM in the server. Should you replace the failed ECC RAM sticks with non-ECC RAM, mixing both ECC and non-ECC RAM in the same server machine?

Yes, but although all of the RAM will be recognized by the server and work with no problems, error checking will not be available. 
No, because the server will not recognize the non-ECC RAM. All of the RAM needs to be either ECC or non-ECC. 
No, because none of the RAM will be recognized and the server will fail to boot.
Yes. As long as there are at least two pairs of ECC RAM in the server, the error-checking feature will remain active.

You are visiting a business customer and you are about to perform maintenance and repair work on several printers in their offices. Your customer informs you that she has been receiving an error message when trying to use one of the inkjet printers referring to the printer spooler. What sort of problem is this?

The printer spooler assembly in the device is misaligned. 
There is a problem with the spooling RAM used to store printer configuration data.
The paper tray feeding spooler is jammed.
There is a problem with the area on the disk where print jobs are stored before printing.

You are visiting a business customer and you are about to perform maintenance and repair work on several printers in their offices. You are about to use a toner vacuum. What printer type are you working on?


What is the purpose of a computer’s power supply?

Convert DC power to AC power
Protect the computer against surges in power
Store power for later use
Convert AC power to DC power 
Bonus: A laptop's inverter converts DC to AC power!

You are installing an analog modem in a computer for a customer who doesn’t have access to any form of broadband Internet and who must use a dial-up connection. The modem is designed to accommodate a particular connector used by standard phone lines. Of the following, what is the proper connector?


A technician looks at a power supply and sees a 6-pin connector. What component would connect to the power supply through the use of this 6-pin connector? 

floppy drive
SATA drive
video card 
power supply
PATA optical drive

You get a call from a laptop customer who says that her laptop fans are running all of the time while she’s using her laptop. You investigate and discover she uses the laptop primarily late in the evening after she’s gotten ready to go to bed. What do you suspect?

The battery is overheating.
The laptop’s cooling fans are going bad.
She is using the laptop in bed and the sheets and blankets on the bed are blocking the laptop’s cooling vents. 
The laptop has been on all day and has been accumulating heat.

You are helping a customer back up her data, and she suggests using DVD's for storage. What do you tell her is the storage capacity of a standard DVD?

700 MB
4.7 GB 
3.2 GB
1.4 GB

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