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IT2 Final Exam Review Answers - Part I

IT Essentials EOC Practice Test 1
Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
Bolded and red sentences are the answers.
Due to having no answer key, some answers are wrong.
The test I took gave me >90%, please correct any incorrect options if you find them in the comments below.

You need to test whether a component such as the video card or SATA drive is getting sufficient power. What is the best tool to use? (1 point)
A duplicate of the same component known to be in working order
A power supply tester
A POST diagnostic card
A multimeter

A computer has been assigned an IP address of What command could be used to force the computer to request an IP address again? (1 point)
ipconfig /release
net computer
ipconfig /all

Which security mode supports robust encryption, and can be enabled with password authentication (personal) or server authentication (enterprise)? (1 point)

Which of the following is a real-mode program that detects hardware? (1 point)

Which of the following Control Panel menus in Windows 7 offers an option to create a system repair disc? (1 point)
Programs and Features
System Restore
Administrative Tools
Backup and Restore

You are in the process of selecting components for a computer that you are assembling. The computer's form factor is vital in selecting all of the following components EXCEPT what? (1 point)
power supply

What technology is an IP based 4G broadband technology that offers high speed Internet access for distances up to 30 miles (48 km)? (1 point)
fiber broadband
gigabit ethernet

Your HDD does not respond upon powering ON your computer. What is the most likely problem?: (1 point)
A floppy has been left in the FDD
Incorrect jumper setting on drive
A brownout
Loose Molex connector
Bad data cable

A technician has been asked to develop a physical topology for a network that provides a high level of redundancy. Which physical topology requires that every node is attached to every other node on the network? (1 point)
Extended Star

A user has a computer with a single hard drive and a RAID adapter installed. Which additional component is necessary to complete the RAID installation? (1 point)
a USB connection
one or more additional hard drives
a network connection
a floppy disk drive
a DVD drive

You suspect that a user's settings are causing a problem at log-in. What file contains user settings that are copied to the registry when the user logs in? (1 point)
None of the above
C:\Windows\system32\config\UserName\Ntuser.dat (fixed-- this one)
All of the above

A technician notices that a data floppy disk is in the floppy disk drive of a computer when it is powered on. Which error message could this potentially cause? (1 point)
floppy disk corrupted
invalid system disk
corrupted driver
device / service failed to start

What laptop component converts DC power to AC so that the display can illuminate? (1 point)

The Recovery Console available in earlier versions of Windows has been removed in Windows Vista / 7 and replaced by several tools located in the System Recovery Options menu. The System Recovery Options menu can be accessed through:
(1 point)
System Configuration console in the Administrative Tools menu
Computer Management console in the Administrative Tools menu
Backup and Restore menu in Windows Control Panel
Advanced Boot Options screen during startup

A technician is troubleshooting a PC unable to connect to the network. What command should be issued to check the IP address of the device? (1 point)

How can you tell that a particular ribbon cable should only be used to connect a floppy drive? (1 point)
it's white
it has a red line along one edge
it has a twist in it
it's wider than all the other ribbon cables

Which of the following is an example of firmware? (1 point)
Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DRAM)
Basic Input / Output System (BIOS)
Windows Operating System
Universal Serial Bus (USB)

What system allows you to install a new OS, without disturbing the old one, so you can boot to either OS? (1 point)
Windows Easy Transfer
Disk cloning
Dual boot
Drive imaging

What type of printer requires the ribbon to be changed when it is producing faded and light characters? (1 point)

ECC type RAM: (1 point)
Offers better performance in terms of speed when compared to a non-ECC type of RAM
Refers to parity RAM (the two terms are interchangeable)
Can detect and correct errors
Can only detect errors, but does not have the capability to correct them

Which of the menus in Windows 7 Control Panel provides the quickest access to screen resolution settings? (1 point)
Ease of Access Center
Video Settings

Which type of storage would be best in a tablet computer that belongs to a small child? (1 point)

What term is used to describe a small program contained in a document that can be automatically executed either when the document is first loaded or later by pressing a key combination?
(1 point)
Trojan Horse
Logic bomb
Boot sector virus

Which of the following acronyms refers to a series of basic hardware diagnostic tests performed by the startup BIOS after the computer is powered on? (1 point)

The colored strip on a ribbon cable indicates which of the following? (1 point)
Pin 0
Pin 1

What type of security attack is being launched when a hacker calls a company to obtain computer login information and pretends to be an employee? (1 point)
social engineering

Which motherboard feature controls the amount of data that a CPU transfers at one time? (1 point)
front side bus
MMX instructions
read-only memory
pin grid array

The CMOS setup utility can be accessed by pressing: (Select best answer) (1 point)
Reset button on the front panel of a computer case
The key set by the motherboard manufacturer for accessing CMOS setup utility during boot
The key set by the user for accessing the CMOS setup utility during boot
Del key during boot
F1 key while logged in Windows

What is a logical group of computers and users that share resources where administration, resources, and security on a workstation are controlled by that workstation? (1 point)
Windows workgroup
Active Directory
NTFS file system

What are the four key functions of a computer system? (1 point)
input, processing, output, and storage
keyboard, display, memory, and disk drive
word processing, spreadsheets, database, and contact management
read, write, calculate, and display
bits, bytes, words, and OSI

A technician is troubleshooting a 4-year-old computer that takes a long time to boot, and identifies that the BIOS rediscovers all the hardware at every boot. What action would fix this problem? (1 point)
Reset the BIOS using the CMOS jumper.
Replace the CMOS battery.
Start the computer with the last known good configuration.
Launch Device Manager to discover new hardware.

A technician is required to replace a faulty power supply in a desktop PC. The PC motherboard has a 24-pin ATX socket but the only available replacement power supply is one with a 20-pin connector. Delivery of new power supplies with 24-pin connectors is not expected until the next day, but the user requires the PC to be operational as soon as possible. What can the technician do in these circumstances? (1 point)
The technician can install the power supply and insert the 20-pin connector into the 24-pin socket on the motherboard.
Power supplies with 20-pin connectors are not compatible with motherboards with 24-pin sockets, so the technician can do nothing until the new power supplies arrive
The technician can use a 20-pin-to-24-pin adapter to connect the power supply to the motherboard.
The technician can recover the 24-pin connector from the faulty power supply and attach it to the replacement power supply for connection to the motherboard.

You are adding memory to a laptop. You probably want to shop for which of these? (1 point)

While trying to enable the entire drive encryption feature in Windows technician receives the following error message: "A compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Device must be present on this computer, but a TPM was not found". Knowing that the system has a TPM chip installed, which of the following steps might help in solving this problem? (1 point)
Enabling the TPM security feature in CMOS setup menu
Re-installation of the OS
Hard drive replacement
Enabling the TPM security feature in Windows Control Panel

A storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a single logical unit to increase logical volume size, improve performance, or reliability is known as: (1 point)
Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
Serial ATA (SATA)
Single Large Expensive Disk (SLED)
Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
Parallel ATA (PATA)

In which situation would it be appropriate for a technician to back up personal and confidential data from a computer belonging to a customer? (1 point)
if the customer permits or requests it
if the technician feels it necessary to back it up
if the customer forgets to sign the work order
if illegal content is discovered on the customer computer

A technician opens up a PC to work on it, and finds that it is very dusty inside. What should the technician do? (1 point)
Use a moistened cotton swab to remove excess dust
Use a lint-free cloth sprayed with a cleaning solution to remove excess dust.
Ignore the dust, as it does not affect the computer.
Use a can of compressed air to remove excess dust.

In order to retain its configuration data, CMOS RAM requires constant supply of electricity which is provided by the: (1 point)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
CMOS battery
AC adapter

Which design specification criterion is most important when designing a computer that will be a thin client whose applications are accessed from a remote virtual server? (1 point)
amount of RAM
number of processor cores
amount of local hard drive storage
speed of network card

Which of the following devices can be installed in an AMR slot? (1 point)
Video adapter card

Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard expansion slot? (1 point)

A technician is setting up a network in a new room. What is the best device to use to connect the PCs to each other and to the rest of the LAN? (1 point)

Crosstalk can be partially controlled by using data cables covered with a protective material. What are these cables called? (1 point)
Shielded cables
Fiber optic
Twisted pair

You are checking the fans on a system you suspect is overheating. In which direction should a fan at the front of the case blow? (1 point)
Toward the processor
Into the case
Toward the power supply unit
Out of the case

Refer to the image. To what input device would the cables attach? (1 point)

video distribution center
keyboard/mouse combo device
KVM switch
sound system

What trait positively distinguishes one competent technician from another in the eyes of the customer? (1 point)
An assertive attitude
Proper and polite language
Talking to co-workers on the job
Minimizing the problem

Which of the following terms refers to a technology that allows for storing passwords, certificates, or encryption keys in a hardware chip? (1 point)
Encrypting File System (EFS)
User Account Control (UAC)
Access Control List (ACL)
Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

A customer who travels frequently wants to know which technology is the most suitable for being connected to the corporate network at all times at low cost. Which network technology would a network administrator recommend? (1 point)

Which of the following is a connector type on a CD/DVD drive? (1 point)
Berg (Floppy Drives use BERG Power)
D-9 pin
D-15 pin

Which of the following terms refers to a technology that allows multiple operating systems to work simultaneously on the same hardware?
(1 point)
Combo drive
Multi core

Which of the following is NOT a type of computer hard drive? (1 point)

How does MAC address filtering enable wireless network security at the device level? (1 point)
MAC address mutual authentication is enabled between the wireless client and the network
Device MAC addresses are encrypted before being transmitted over the network
Use is made of a lightweight access point architecture to control wireless device network access.
The unique MAC address of each wireless device is filtered and only authorized addresses are allowed network access.

The way in which files and folders function and how items are displayed in Windows 7 can be changed by: (1 point)
Using Folder Options menu in Control Panel
Right-clicking on any folder or file icon and setting the required options in the Properties menu
Setting the required options in the Personalization menu
Using Administrative Tools menu in Control Panel

Why should a technician avoid opening the casing of a power supply? (1 point)
Power supplies must always be replaced, not repaired.
Hazardous levels of electricity may be present inside the power supply.
Only the power supply manufacturer can open the casing of a power supply.
Power supplies are very fragile, expensive, and easy to damage.

What does FDISK do? (1 point)
fixes bad sectors on the hard drive
creates partitions on the hard drive
performs low-level formatting of the hard drive
recovers lost clusters on the hard drive

The most notable difference between pin grid array (PGA) and land grid array (LGA) packaging relates to the placement of contact pins, which in the case of PGA can be found on the socket, and in case of LGA on the CPU (1 point)

You need to temporarily disable startup processes to test for performance improvement. What tool should you use? (1 point)
Msconfig (Msconfig.exe)
Services console (Services.msc)
Event Viewer (Eventvwr.msc)
Task Manager (Taskmgr.exe)

A customer needs additional storage space on an older computer. What will the technician look at in the computer to determine if an additional hard drive can be added? (1 point)
an open PCI/PCIe expansion slot
the heat that is generated and air flow requirements
an available PATA/SATA connection
BIOS version
adequate RAM

Your client set a power-on password in the BIOS, but has forgotten it. How can you recover access to the computer? (1 point)
You cannot recover access; the motherboard must be replaced
Through a special application in Windows
By setting a jumper on the motherboard (additional note: perhaps also removing the cmos battery)
Through a special key combination at boot-up

Which of the following, together with a ground mat, provides the best way to guard against ESD? (1 point)
Diagnostic card
Ground bracelet
Daughter card

What guideline should be followed when establishing a password security policy? (1 point)
Lockout policies should be avoided in order to increase user access
Passwords should contain mainly numbers for better encryption.
The system administrator should assign passwords to the users.
Passwords should be physically stored in a convenient location.
An expiration period should be established so that passwords frequently change.

The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstations. Which service would simplify the workstation IP configuration task? (1 point)

What is a standard for short-range wireless communication and data synchronization between devices? (1 point)

Because of limited space on a laptop keyboard, some keys have a dual-purpose. What are these keys called? (1 point)
control keys
function keys
alternate keys
special purpose keys

A user is reporting that an inkjet printer is printing colors different from what the printer should be printing. The printer has separate cartridges for each color and the user changed the cyan cartridge recently. What is the action that could fix the problem? (1 point)
Perform a printer head cleaning.
Check for loose printer cables.
Purchase a maintenance kit.
Use a different type of paper.

What approach should a technician take when receiving a call from a stressed customer? (1 point)
Ask the customer to hold, and then wait five minutes for the customer to calm down.
Ask the customer to telephone back when the customer is feeling less stressed.
Transfer the customer to a level-two technician who will ask the customer to explain the problem again.
Try to establish a rapport with the customer.

What type of printer uses solid dyes embedded on different transparent films? (1 point)
Solid ink printer
Dot matrix printer
Inkjet printer
Laser Printer
Dye-sublimation printer

What are plenum rated cables used for? (1 point)
for cables that are used to connect computers back-to-back
for cables that are installed inside the floors and ceilings of buildings
for cables that are used to connect workstations to wall sockets
for cables that are used between buildings

Which feature will assign a computer an IP address even if there is no working DHCP server in the network? (1 point)

You are troubleshooting an issue on a client's computer. When faced with a problem with a device driver or service, what should be the first step? (1 point)
Update the device drivers
Move the device to a different computer.
Update Windows

A technician is performing a memory upgrade. What would be the result of attempting to install a DDR2-800 module in a computer that already has a DDR2-667 module installed? (1 point)
The module will not fit.
The computer will not boot.
The computer will run at the slower memory speed.
It will be necessary to configure the BIOS to recognize the different memory speeds

A student laptop is running slowly, and the student suspects rogue computers are accessing the laptop. Which control panel feature is used in Windows Vista to verify the firewall setting? (1 point)
Security Center
Network and Sharing Center
System and Maintenance

Which of the following includes regulations to secure patient data that apply to all health care companies and professionals? (1 point)

You are having a problem with slow network performance and suspect a process is hogging network resources. What tool can you use to try to find the culprit program? (1 point)
Remote Assistance
Network and Sharing Center
Netstat -b

A user has connected a USB 3.0 device to a computer using a 3 ft (1m) USB 3.0 cable. However, instead of an expected data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb/s, the user notes a data transfer rate of no more than 450 Mb/s. What is the most probable reason for this lower than expected data transfer rate? (1 point)
The device was connected to a USB 1.1 port on the computer.
The USB 3.0 cable is faulty.
The device was connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer.
The cable used exceeds the maximum length that allows USB 3.0 to transfer data at 5Gb/s

User Maria calls you to complain that her system is totally dead today. It was working fine when she left the last evening. Which of the following must you check first? (1 point)
Reseat the hard drive controller cable
Check the AC outlet
Replace the CMOS battery
Test the power supply

After launching Windows Virtual PC application technician receives error message stating that the hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) feature is not enabled on the computer. Which of the following steps might help in fixing this problem? (Select best answer) (1 point)
Safe Mode troubleshooting
Re-installation of the Windows Virtual PC application
Increasing the amount of physical RAM on the system
Getting into the CMOS setup utility and enabling the virtualization technology setting

A computer supporting LoJack technology has two main components installed: an Application Agent residing in the operating system which sends tracking signals to the monitoring center allowing the law enforcement to locate and recover stolen device, and Persistence Module which restores the Application Agent and allows it to survive operating system re-installation or hard drive format. The highest level of security offered by LoJack can be achieved when the Persistence Module resides in: (1 point)
Computer's BIOS
Partition gap on the hard drive
USB key
Operating system

A technician uses the shrink volume feature of the disk management utility and splits the partition. What must the technician do next in order to make use of the new space? (1 point)
Partition the unallocated space.
Delete all partitions and reinitialize the disk.
Format the existing partition.
Convert the unallocated space into a dynamic disk.

A computer can access devices on the same network but cannot access devices on other networks. What is the probable cause of this problem? (1 point)
The computer has an incorrect subnet mask.
The cable is not connected properly to the NIC.
The computer has an invalid IP address.
The computer has an invalid default gateway address.

What is the name of the most common connector type used for providing power to various hardware components inside computer case? (1 point)

In modern PCs, the procedure of replacing BIOS contents in order to upgrade to a newer version is sometimes referred to as: (1 point)
Direct memory access (DMA)
Hard boot
Flashing the BIOS

Which of the following manages hardware, runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files? (1 point)
Virtual machine
Operating system

Which device converts digital signals to analog signals and vice versa? (1 point)

What term means that you have run a motherboard or processor at a higher speed than the manufacturer suggests? (1 point)

How should a technician dispose of an empty inkjet printer cartridge? (1 point)
Throw it away.
Follow local regulations for disposal.
Give it back to the customer.
Refill it.

A technician is troubleshooting a computer that fails to print. The technician suspects that the printer driver may be outdated, proceeds to download the latest driver, and installs it. The technician attempts to print, but the problem persists. What is the next action that the technician should take? (1 point)
Identify the problem.
Develop a new theory.
Test the theory.
Establish a plan of action.

A standardized specification of a motherboard (including its dimensions, supported power supply types, and layout of components) is known as the motherboard's: (Select best answer) (1 point)
Form factor

A 25 pin female connector on the back of a PC would be typical of? (1 point)
Bus port
SCSI port
eSATA port
serial port
parallel port(LPT)

What characterizes a DDoS attack? (1 point)
All hosts must be in the same geographic area.
Many hosts participate in a coordinated attack.
Infected computers are called daemons.
It is easy to identify the source of the attack.

For CPUs without integrated memory controller, which part of chipset manages communication between the CPU and memory? (1 point)
Platform Controller Hub (PCH)
Fusion Controller Hub (FCH)
Front Side Bus

How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold? (1 point)
124 KB
640 KB
720 KB
1.44 MB
2.88 MB

After a normal system shutdown, when the computer is turned off, contents of the memory used to store BIOS settings are: (1 point)
Saved on hard drive
Stored in page file

Which of the following Windows Command Prompt commands is used to display all active TCP / IP connections and listening ports?
(1 point)

You have no hard drive & there is no disk in drive a. What message are you most likely to see. (1 point)
Invalid Hard Drive Configuration
The hard drive has a problem.
Non-system disk or disk error
Please Insert a disk in drive a

Which action can reduce the risk of ESD damage when computer equipment is being worked on? (1 point)
moving cordless phones away from the work area
working on a grounded antistatic mat
keeping the computer plugged into a surge protector
lowering the humidity level in the work area

You are installing an internal floppy drive in a system. The side of the connector with the colored edge on the end of the cable with the twist goes where? (1 point)
Drive, pin 34
Motherboard, pin 1
Drive, pin 1
Motherboard, pin 34

A user is configuring a wireless access point and wants to prevent any neighbors from discovering the network. What action does the user need to take? (1 point)
Disable SSID broadcast.
Configure a DNS server.
Enable WPA encryption.
Configure DMZ settings.

What is different between AT and ATX power supplies? (1 point)
They are identical except for their shape.
AT supplies use P8 and P9 power connectors while ATX uses a single P1 connector.
AT supplies use a single P1 power connector while ATX uses P8 and P9.
AT power supplies run on 120V AC current while ATX uses 220V AC

Refer to the image. Which utility has the IT department started on each computer? (1 point)

Computer Management

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