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CCNAv2 Chapter 10 Quiz Answers (100%)

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Below are the answers to the Chapter 10 Quiz in CCNA 2.

Chapter 10 Quiz
CCNAv2 (5.0)

Question 12 pts
After booting, a client receives an ICMPv6 RA message with the M flag set to 0 and the O flag set to 1. What does this indicate?

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Question 22 pts
Match the DHCP message types to the order of the stateful DHCPv6 process when a client first connects to an IPv6 network. (Not all options are used.)





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Question 32 pts
Which command should be configured on a router interface to set the router as a stateful DHCPv6 client?

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Question 42 pts
An administrator has configured a DHCPv4 relay router and issued these commands:

Router(config)# interface g0/0
Router(config-if)# ip address
Router(config-if)# no shutdown
Router(config-if)# exit
Router(config)# ip dhcp pool RELAY
Router(dhcp-config)# end

The clients are not receiving IP parameters from the DHCPv4 server. What is a possible cause?

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Question 52 pts
Which command will allow a network administrator to check the IP address that is assigned to a particular MAC address?

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Question 62 pts
What is the most likely scenario in which the WAN interface of a router would be configured as a DHCP client to be assigned a dynamic IP address from an ISP?

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Question 72 pts
Which message does an IPv4 host use to reply when it receives a DHCPOFFER message from a DHCP server?

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Question 82 pts
When a client is requesting an initial address lease from a DHCP server, why is the DHCPREQUEST message sent as a broadcast?

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Question 92 pts
In which alternative to DHCPv6 does a router dynamically provide IPv6 configuration information to hosts?

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Question 102 pts

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring a router for DHCPv6 operation. Which conclusion can be drawn based on the commands?

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Question 112 pts

Refer to the exhibit. PC-A is unable to receive an IPv6 address from the stateful DHCPv6 server. What is the problem?
 *** CORRECT ANSWER (Thank you Anon)

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Question 122 pts
Here is a link to the PT Activity. (Link omitted)
Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

What is the keyword that is displayed on

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Question 132 pts
Match the DHCP message types to the order of the DHCPv4 process. (Not all options are used.)





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Question 142 pts
Fill in the blank. Do not abbreviate.
An administrator is troubleshooting a DHCPv4 issue on a router. By issuing the debug ip dhcp  command, the administrator can watch, in real time, the IP address assignments that are performed by the router.

server events
server event


  1. Question 11, Cisco current quiz says this should be " The ipv6 dhcp relay command should be applied to interface Gig0/0.

    1. The post has been edited and you've been credited, thank you for your input.


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