Friday, April 29, 2016

BLOG: Theme Changes & Sectors

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
I have two topics to discuss in regards to the blog:

Theme Changes
I was considering changing the theme for CCNA to another type of Awesome theme. However, I would like to ask all visitors on their opinion on this blog's current layout.

Personally, I think it's a step-up from the 2000s theme prior to this, but I think a switch-up every now and then would be helpful for the eyes. I posted a poll on the right-hand column of the website, I urge you to vote. Any theme change I would do would be around summer, perhaps giving it either a modern theme or summer/colored one. Though is not permanent, don't take it verbatim.

IT2 and Categories 
For the next few weeks, our CCNA2 class will be doing a case-study. I will, obviously, be pre-occupied with this. However, now that our course is essentially over and done with, I now have free time to edit IT2 and fix it's tab panel, and start on some notes, PTs, and answers for CCNA3 & CCNA4. 

Between that time, if Cisco posts any v6 / 6.0 version of the exam, I will update them. However, I won't be checking too often-- I'm asking the visitors (you) to post/contact me on any new tests, exams, or updates. 
Also, irrelevant to both topics, I'd like to suggest that feedback, questions, or comments can be posted on a post using 'comments'-- It'd be cool to see some around. I will consult the second author on both of these topics, and based on his opinion we will... work something out!

Thank you!

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