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IT2 Notes - Custom Imaging Chapter

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
This is a custom note file for our imaging chapter, but it still an important reference section to keep if you plan on pursuing IT related fields.

Chapter (Custom): System Imaging     
People don’t understand the difference between cloning and imaging. Here’s a table to explain the differences.
Cloning versus Imaging
  • Creates a duplicate hard drive.
  • Both create or duplicate the drive.
  • Create an image (copy) of the drive and store it like a zip file.

If your system crashes, which is better to have; cloning or image?
  • Clone, because you can switch the HDD. Cloning has EVERYTHING on the previously backed-up drive.
    • You do not want images because you’d first have to:
  1. Install Windows, or have an Imaging program boot-disk.
  2. Use the imaging program to write the image to the (new) disk.

Two terms that are critical to understand:
  1. “Gather”
    1. To gather means to create the image file.
  2. “Distribute”
    1. To distribute means to distribute the image file. (Can be to multiple systems)

Imaging is a business tool.
  • It’s a time saver for the most part.
  • Scenarios
    • Need to set up ten new systems.

Downsides to Images:
  • All the systems have the same name.
  • All the systems have the same logins.
  • All the systems have the same properties.
After imaging the PCs, you have to change the name.

For our class, we will be using “WS-(Station#)” as our PC names, CCSD uses “WS-Serial”. This is class-specific.

The Process of Imaging
  1. Start with a clean OS install.
    1. To get rid of all other properties made before.
    2. Network drivers may be put above step #2.
  2. Updates
    1. Drivers
  3. Install Programs
    1. Antivirus, flash, browser, Adobe Reader/Foxit,
  4. Settings
    1. Video, Accounts, Backgrounds… etc
  5. Settings
    1. Browsers, desktop layout, etc
  6. Printers?
    1. Do you put in printers? (This is subjective to the topology)
    2. Drivers for printers?
  7. Checklist / Verifying
    1. Verify that you configured what you needed
  8. Program Updates
    1. Antiviruses post-install updates?
    2. Do you want to allow automatic updates or not?
  9. OS Updates
    1. Update your PC once again before gathering the image.

Note Review
Image vs Clone:
- Clone is copying (duplicating) a drive.
- Image is copying the drive into a file (like a zip) for removable media access.

Is it useful for File Backup & Recovery? 
- No

Which one is faster to full-function, cloning or imaging?
- Cloning, because all you have to do is swap the drive. Whereas imaging is very lengthy alone, if done correctly.

Imaging Steps
- Start with a clean install (Fresh OS).
- OS Updates
- Drivers
- Install Required Software
- Settings, Backgrounds, Shortcuts, Favorites, etc.
- Printers
- User Accounts
- OS & Program Updates
- Empty Recycle Bin

Rescue Media
- What media? 
- Must be bootable.
OS Used to create Rescue Media...
   - Linux
   - Windows PE
- Special Drivers Added
- 64 bit / 32 bit
- Create ISO
- Sysprep, automate Windows setup.

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