Monday, March 14, 2016

CCNAv2 Completed Packet Tracer

Greetings, and welcome to Seeseenayy.
Below you will find a download for the resources of the packet tracer listed above.
There will be no tutorial fancy formatting, I'm too tired today. Luckily, you'll get a tutorial.

Commands for this packet tracer:
In this activity, you will configure a default route, RIP version 2, with appropriate network statements and passive interfaces, and verify full connectivity.

Router 1 Configuration Commands
R1 > en
R1 # conf t
R1 (config)# ip route s0/0/1
R1 (config)# router rip
R1 (config)# version 2
R1 (config)# no auto-summary
R1 (config-router)# do show ip route connected
R1 (config-router)# network
R1 (config-router)# network
R1 (config-router)# passive-interface g0/0
R1 (config-router)# default-information originate
R1 (config-router)# end

Router 2 Configuration Commands
R2 > enable
R2 # configure terminal
R2 (config)# router rip
R2 (config)# version 2
R2 (config)# no auto-sumarry
R2 (config-router)#do show ip route connected
R2 (config-router)# network
R2 (config-router)# network
R2 (config-router)# network
R2 (config-router)# passive-interface g0/0
R2 (config-router)# end

Router 3 Configuration Commands
R3 > enable
R3 # configure terminal
R3 (config)# router rip
R3 (config)# version 2
R3 (config)# no auto-summary
R3 (config-router)# do show ip route connected
R3 (config-router)# network
R3 (config-router)# network
R3 (config-router)# passive-interface g0/0
R3 (config-router)# end


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    1. I only understand English, but I found out what you meant.

      The spelling issue has been corrected. Thank you. :)

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