Monday, March 7, 2016

CCNAv2 Completed Packet Tracer

Hello, and welcome to my blog for CCNA.
Please read all of the text before downloading.
Below you will find completed PT / PDF files:


Below are the commands (with a tutorial) if you don't want to download.

Packet Tracer Tutorial: Explanation and Commands
This PT is simple, but there are many more problems than the previous PT, so it will take more time to discover and resolve such issues.

Note: You need to configure IP addresses like we've done before. IPs and SMs yielded from your calculations are used below. I will not show calculations on this tutorial.

Configuration for HQ:
HQ#conf t

HQ(config)#int g0/1
HQ(config-if)#no ip addr
HQ(config-if)#ip addr
HQ(config-if)#no sh
HQ(config-if)#int g0/0
HQ(config-if)#no ip addr
HQ(config-if)#ip addr
HQ(config-if)#no sh


Configuration for EAST:
EAST#show running-config
EAST#conf t

EAST(config)#no ip route
EAST(config)#ip route

Configuration for WEST:
WEST> en
WEST# show running-config

WEST(config)# no ip route
WEST(config)# ip route

Configuration for HQ_LAN1:
HQ_LAN1> en
HQ_LAN1# show running-config
HQ_LAN1# conf t

HQ_LAN1(config)# int vlan 1
HQ_LAN1(config)# no ip address
HQ_LAN1(config)# ip address
HQ_LAN1(config)# no sh

Configuration for HQ_LAN2:
HQ_LAN2> en
HQ_LAN2# show running-config
HQ_LAN2# conf t

HQ_LAN2(config)# int vlan 1
HQ_LAN2(config)# no ip address
HQ_LAN2(config)# ip address
HQ_LAN2(config)# no sh


  1. What is the errors and solutions that should address in this kind of topology?

    1. If I'm not mistaken, there shouldn't be any error searching aside from the instructions in the PKT. I don't have the time to look right now, but the commands used to solve the packet tracer should be a hint to the potential problems.

      For instance, the config for HQ_LAN2's "no ip address" in the vlan 1 interface may indicate there was an incorrect IP address / subnet mask in VLAN1's configuration.

      Hope this helps.


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