Friday, March 4, 2016

CCNAv2 Completed Packet Tracer

Hello, and welcome to my blog for CCNA.
Please read all of the text before downloading.
Below you will find completed PT / PDF files:


This packet tracer is the first packet tracer for Chapter 6, which is static routing.
Below are the commands (with a tutorial) if you don't want to download.

Packet Tracer Tutorial: Explanation and Commands

For the commands, this packet tracer is a bit more in depth. We will need to configure the presented routers.
The commands are basic, just route some addresses to an ip/interface, I think it's okay if i don't talk much on this one.  

Commands for (RT): HQ
HQ> en
HQ# conf t
HQ(config)# ip route S0/0/0
HQ(config)# ip route 

Commands for (RT): Branch1
Branch1> en
Branch1# conf t
Branch1(config)# ip route
Branch1(config)# ip route 

Commands for (RT): Branch2
Branch2> en
Branch2# conf t
Branch2(config)# ip route S0/0/1
Branch2(config)# ip route

Commands for (RT): ISP
ISP> en
ISP# conf t
ISP(config)# ip route S0/0/1


  1. what does it mean when it says inconsistent address and mask?

    1. An inconsistent address and mask means that during your configuration you entered either an IP address that does not belong to the given subnet mask, or vice versa (subnet mask does not match ip range).


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