Friday, March 4, 2016

CCNAv2 Completed Packet Tracer

Hello, and welcome to my blog for CCNA.
Please read all of the text before downloading.
Below you will find completed PT / PDF files:


This packet tracer is the first packet tracer for Chapter 6, which is static routing.
Below are the commands (with a tutorial) if you don't want to download.

Packet Tracer Tutorial: Explanation and Commands

For the commands, this packet tracer is a bit more in depth. We will need to configure the presented routers.
The commands are basic, just route some addresses to an ip/interface, I think it's okay if i don't talk much on this one.  

Commands for (RT): HQ
HQ> en
HQ# conf t
HQ(config)# ip route S0/0/0
HQ(config)# ip route 

Commands for (RT): Branch1
Branch1> en
Branch1# conf t
Branch1(config)# ip route
Branch1(config)# ip route 

Commands for (RT): Branch2
Branch2> en
Branch2# conf t
Branch2(config)# ip route S0/0/1
Branch2(config)# ip route

Commands for (RT): ISP
ISP> en
ISP# conf t
ISP(config)# ip route S0/0/1

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