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Workplace Readiness Pretest

Workplace Ethic & Readiness
Pretest (2/18/2016)
Correct answers are marked in red.

Skill 1: Positive Work Ethic
You are working at a graphic design firm. Your team is working on an important project and your team leader asks you to stay late to meet a deadline. Since you normally get off at 55 p.m. from work, you previous ugly agreed to take a neighbor to an important appointee not at 6:30 p.m. . . . What should you do?

a. Contact a friend that knows your neighbor and see if your friend can take your neighbor to the appointment and stay to finish the project deadline.
b. Agree to stay and finish your project without question because work is more important.
c. Since you first c omitted to help your neighbor, tell your co-worker you cannot stay and why.
d. Reach a compromise and work until 6:00 and then leave and try to still take your neighbor to the
6::30 p.m. appointment.
e. Ask a coworker to help make the decision and select the best contractor using this rationale.

Skill 2: Integrity
Justice told his boss he would finish thee financial report by Friday. Following through on his commitment is an example of which positive workplace trait?
A. resourcefulness
B. problem-solving
C. reliability
D. honesty

Skill 3: Teamwork
Your plumbing crew is working on a new building project. You are assigned to cut pipe for the job. You notice that a peer employee is having great difficult carrying a long section of pipe. What is the most appropriate action?
a. Help your peer carry the long section of pipe.
b. Stay on your job assignment all day.
c. Tell someone el se to go help this employee who is having trouble.
d. Stop cutting long sections of pipe.

Skill 4: Self-Representation
You have been working on a game design project with your manager who has been repeatedly using inappropriate language, which makes you uncomfortable. What should you do?
a. Remain calm and report the problem to the manager’s boss.
b. Directly confront the manager about the situation.
c. Ask the manager to stop speaking in such an inappropriate way.
d. Join in with the use of the inappropriate language to fit in. . . .

Skill 5: Diversity Awareness
Why is having diversity in a company culture’s staff a good idea?
a. There is a broader range of talents, skills, and creativity.
b. It creates a homogenous work ethic.
c. The work environment will be more ethical.
d. It meets the quota for minority cultures.

Skill 6: Conflict Resolution
Shauna works at an advertising agency and recently had a verbal argument with a co-worker, Ashley. Since then, Ashley has openly treated Shauna with insulting behavior. What is the BEST way for Shauna to resolve this conflict?
a. Report Ashley tots the human resources manager.
b. Let these inappropriate actions go because it will get better with time.
c. Ignore Ashley but make sure her peers know.
d. Write an email tot her parents explaining the situation and asking for help.

Skill 7: Creativity and Resourcefulness
You work as a server at a local restaurant. A customer orders a particular fish dish as a dinner entree and sometime after ordering the dish, you learn from the kitchen manager that the fish has sold out. What is the BEST way to creatively handle the situation??
a. Make sure the customer knows this will never happen again and later report it to the restaurant manager.
b. After talking with another server, ask the head chef to come out and apologize to the customer profusely.
c. After talking with the restaurant manager, offer a comparable entrée dish, a discount, and a formal apology.
d. Have the restaurant manager offer a substitute and a significant discount on the overall meal.

Skill 8: Speaking and Listening
Which of the following phrases is appropriate for a formal greeting during a presentation?
a. Be seated
b. Let’s get started
c. Listen up
d. Welcome

Skill 9: Reading and Writing
You are writing an email to Sally Smith who is a potential customer. What is the BEST way to begin your email to Sally Smith?
a. Hello Sally Smith!
b. Dear Ms. Smith,
c. Dear Madam or Sir:
d. Dear Mrs. Smith

Skill 10: Something about Work vs Friends
Laureate’s supervisor asks her to select the best contractor for an upcoming construction job. Laureate narrows the choices down to four contractors. What is the process for making her decision?
The PDF cut the questions out, but the answer is "D" ("Reach a compromise...")

Skill 11: Health and Safety
Two employees working at a manufacturing company enter a shop floor to do work.
One employee is wearing approved safety glasses but the other employee is not. Why should the employee be wearing safety glasses??
a. It is the ethical thing to do and is therefore morally correct.
b. Most employee s wear safety glasses as a safety precaution.
c. Safety glasses should always be worn on the shop floor.
d. All global companies suggest that employee s wear safety glasses.

Skill 12: Organizations, Systems, and Climates
Part of being a civilly responsible employee is understanding how the U.S. government operates. The job of the Legislative Branch is to _______________laws.
a. make
b. implement
c. evaluate
d. assess

Skill 13: Lifelong Learning
Simone is a corporate employee who is committed too lifelong learning. What is the BEST way that Simone can show her commitment?
a. Offering fellow employees assistance on the job
b. Attending conferences to acquire new industry related knowledge
c. Researching how to do difficult tasks in her workplace
d. Spending time at work completing assignments for her college classes

Skill 14: Job Acquisition and Advancement
When writing resumes, why do employers prefer professional references to personal ones?
a. It is illegal to provide personal references.
b. Professional references tend to be more intelligent.
c. Professional references are biased.
d. Personal references tend to be biased.

Skill 15: Question was cut off
Samuel works at a farm equipment company. Which of the following will help him decide what to do each day?
a. The daily work plan
b. The tasks most enjoyed
c. The customer complaint log
d. The work your peers do first

Skill 16: Mathematics
Maya worked 41 hours this week at a local hospital. She makes $12.00 per hour. Anytime over 40 hours is paid at time and half or 1.5. How much will Maya earn for her 41 hours of work this week?
a. $412
b. $498
c. $508
d. $396
*Note: The PDF made the answers in the thousands, so I change it to what it should have been. Either way, the answer is B.

Skill 17: Customer Service
Oki is a sales associate at a computer s ales store. He notices an older man with tattered clothing enter the store. How should he first approach the customer?
a. Inform the customer of available lay-away plans.
b. Ask the customer to look at the posted dress code and leave.
c. Greet the customer and ask if he would like her assistance.
d. Wait until the customer approaches her and handle it.

Skill 18: Job-specific Technologies
You work at an accounting company and are furnished with a new tablet computer. After arriving to work, you turn it on and notice it is not functioning properly. This occurs after only one day of using the new tablet. What is the first course of action?
a. Look for the operating manual to figure out what is wrong.
b. Email a friend who is an IT expert and seek assistance.
c. Tell your co-worker about the problem and ask for help.
d. Inform the IT department about the computer problem.

Skill 19: In formation Technology
Which of the following is NOT a type off web browser?
a. Google Docs
b. Google Chrome
c. Mozilla Firefox
d. Internet Explorer

Skill 20: Internet Stuff (Cut off again)
What are three MOST important reasons for cleaning the cache of your web browser after browsing on the internet?
A. to minimize the chances of computer viruses
B. too maintain privacy at all times
C. too optimize browsing speed
D. too tag important websites

Skill 21: Telecommunications
Maxwell has been asked to send a final urgent housing inventory report to a branch manager in a local real estate company. Which of the following applications/formats is most appropriate to use to accomplish this task?
a. Word
c. Excel
d. Email

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