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IT2 Workplace Readiness Practice Exams (100%)

Workplace Readiness Skills Study Guide 1(100%)
Practice this exam:

Which of the following does NOT indicate initiative? (1 point)
asking your boss for additional work since you have completed all assigned tasks
watering plants and wiping the dust from the office file cabinets even though it is not in your job         description
` asking the boss if you can leave 15 minutes early
offering help to a coworker who is struggling to complete an important assignment

A worker without initiative is (1 point)
` lazy

Employees who have questions about a business's policies concerning ethics should consult the (1 point)
annual report
` employee handbook
regulating agency
business's attorney

What is an important activity for a team's first meeting? (1 point)
setting final goals
establishing leadership
` making introductions
using decision-making

How do you exhibit responsibility? (1 point)
` coming to work as assigned
keeping to yourself
avoiding difficult work tasks
doing something only when told by your supervisor

Sara has completed all her assigned tasks for her shift. A coworker clearly is behind on her assigned tasks. What should Sara do? (1 point)
do nothing
` offer to help the coworker
help the coworker, but only if the coworker asks for help
help the coworker if the coworker agrees to pay Sara for her help

A responsbile worker does which of the following? (1 point)
blames others
gives up easily
` thinks before acting
lets others down when they are counting on him/her

Ineffective communication may cause a workplace team to (1 point)
improve product design
increase cooperation
expand understanding
` decrease production

Which three characteristics below best summarize work ethic? (1 point)
` interpersonal skills, initiative, dependability
courteous, productive, forceful
depressed, considerate, hostile
adaptable, irresponsible, well-groomed

Which of the following does NOT demonstrate positive work ethic? (1 point)
arriving to work early
working late when the boss needs you to
` keeping vital info to yourself
helping a coworker complete a different task

NOT being dependable means that you possess behaviors like (1 point)
being on time
` being tardy for meetings
meeting goals
adhering to policies and procedures

You're reviewing your cash register receipts, and you find out that you've shorted one of your customers $10 in change. He hasn't noticed it yet. What should you do? (1 point)
do nothing
keep the money for yourself
` give him the money he is owed
tell him you are sorry

Which of the following situations is an example of an employee's exhibiting unethical behavior? (1 point)
clocking out at the end of the day
` taking a day of sick leave to play golf
scheduling a 2 week vacation
working four 10 hour days to shorten the week

What can hinder team performance? (1 point)
` animosity

Which of the following is a good honesty trait? (1 point)
using the company phone for personal long distance phone calls
taking longer lunches and breaks
` telling the truth all the time
not working during scheduled hours

What should a production team refer to as a reminder of the team's purpose? (1 point)
company handbook
` mission statement
employee contract
weekly evaluation

The term reliable is related to the terms ___. (1 point)
` trusted, responsible
sophisticated, responsible
avoidance, trust
trust, diversity

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