Tuesday, February 16, 2016

IT Essentials Chapter 9 (Printer Homework Quiz) Practice Answers

IT Essentials
Chapter 9 Quiz
Below is a practice quiz to IT Essentials for Printers. Please view the quiz below. All answers are in their correct order. Take the test yourself here: https://www.quia.com/quiz/5695967.html

Note: Answers aren't guaranteed to be correct.

1. Which step in the Laser Printing process is where the toner is applied to the paper?

2. The part that contains the black color for a thermal printer is the:
Ink Cartridge

3. Which step in the laser printing process is where the Toner is permanently fixed to the paper?

4. Place the laser printing steps in the correct order.
Processing -> Charging -> Exposing -> Developing -> Transferring -> Fusing -> Cleaning

5. Which of the following are the 2 (two) types of impact printers?
Dot Matrix and Daisy Wheel

6.  Which type of Ink Jet nozzles use electric crystals to apply the ink?

7. Which type of printer below is able to use carbon copy forms?

8. Which step in the Laser Printing process is where Toner is applied to the latent image on the drum?

9. Which type of Ink Jet nozzle uses steam to apply the ink?

10. Which steps in the Laser Printing process where the primary corona wire is set to about -600 volts DC?

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