Friday, February 19, 2016

CCNAv2 Custom Packet Tracer 1

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Today I felt a little creative and curious about VLANs and the communication between two networks via different VLANs. In light of learning about VLANs, I had learned the basic mechanics to VLANs. So, I made a custom packet tracer files that features two networks, two switches, and two PCs, with guidance by my friends.  

This is the picture of the network, containing two "office" setups. 
Office A has two vlans: .0 and .1 
Office B has two vlans: .6 and .7

This packet tracer is sort of an example on VLANs, if you want to see how it works, try to command-line ping from PC-B-1 to PC-A-0 or any other PC. This PT was completed by using basic vlan mechanics and other learned commands to configure this network.

Here's a download to this Packet Tracer file.
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