Friday, February 19, 2016

CCNAv2 Completed Packet Tracer

Welcome to my blog.

Below you will find the completed version of a packet tracer file.
The downloads are safe, completed, and completed packet tracer files.
If you need assistance with a packet tracer or any other related to this blog, please give a shout. 

Packet Tracer - Router-on-a-Stick with Inter-VLAN Routing

These files are intended for studying or assistance with them. I do not condone the activity of just using them for turn-ins, however, if you do, change the name of files, and check for any present names on PDFs or custom sections of the PT files.

Alternatively, you may use the commands for the PT if you do not want to download the packet tracer files (I promise you, they're safe).
Switch 1 Commands
S1 # configure t
S1 (Config)# vlan 10
S1 (Config-vlan)# exit
S1 (Config)# int fastE0/11
S1 (Config-if)# swt access vlan 10
S1 (Config-if)# exit
S1 (Config)# int fastE0/6
S1 (Config-if)# sw access vlan 30
S1 (Config-if)# exit
S1 (Config)# int gigabitE0/1
S1 (Config-if)# sw mode trunk
S1 (Config-if)# exit
S1 (Config)# end
S1 # show vlan br

Router 1 Commands
R1 # configure t
R1 (Config)# int gigabitE0/0
R1 (Config-if)# no shut
R1 (Config-if)# exit
R1 (Config)# int gigabitE0/0.10
R1 (Config-subif)# encap dot1Q 10
R1 (Config-subif)# ip address
R1 (Config-subif)# no shut
R1 (Config-subif)# exit
R1 (Config)# int gigabitE0/0.30
R1 (Config-subif)# encap dot1Q 30
R1 (Config-subif)# ip address
R1 (Config-subif)# no shut
R1 (Config-subif)# exit
S1 (Config)# end
S1 # show vlan br

I do not own packet tracer, I do not claim them. I am just posting the completed versions of PTs to give other people in this course an idea on what to do if they have problems.

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