Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CCNAv2 Chapter 2 Notes - Switches & LEDs

Switches & LEDs
CCNA - Chapter 2 Notes
Switch Indicators (LED)
  • System LED
    • Status: Operating properly?
    • Remote Power Supply (Y/N)?
  • Port Status LED
    • One of the most important LEDs.
    • BLACK/OFF = No Link
    • GREEN = Okay
    • BLINKING GREEN = Active
    • AMBER = Standby/Fault Mode (bad)
    • BLINKING AMBER = Internal Power is off, & RPS power is on. (power problem)
  • Port Duplex LED
    • GREEN = Displaying that mode
            • Light blinking = half duplex, solid = full duplex.
  • Port Speed LED
  • POE Mode LED
Switches are mostly managed remotely, so you can’t see the indicators (LEDs) most of the time. However, in the scenario you are, these are the status LEDs you should know and understand.


  • switch>
    • IOS loaded
    • Hostname isn’t changed
    • If the switch is first opened, open ‘setup mode’.
    • Amber Light
      • To make this light go away, you’ll need to access the switch, and do something.

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